Near Infrared Sauna

Every athlete has found themselves worn down and overtrained. When this happens, your entire body becomes inflamed. This is where our Saunaspace near infrared sauna can help you to recovery and reduce inflammation. Near infrared, or NIR, sauna technology is shown to have a much bigger effect on recovery than traditional far infrared saunas even though the overall temperature is lower. This is due to targeting the specific light wavelengths needed to kick start the your body’s cells.

Sunlight helps activate our cells and makes us feel fresher and rejuvenated. Saunaspace supercharges that effect and targets the specific wavelengths that our cells need to produce ADP and kickstart recovery.

How does Near Infrared affect Athletic Performance?

NIR, Near infrared Sauna, bathing after exercise have been shown to increase athletic performance, reduce fatigue and improve muscle recovery. Muscle circulation is increased. Growth hormone release also occurs with sauna use and can increase muscle strength.

Low-level light therapy has been shown to reduce joint and muscle pain in animal studies. Penetrating near infrared light appears to address joint and muscle problems from multiple angles. Hand-held near infrared devices used for pain relief are common in physical therapy and pain management offices. Far infrared does not provide this effect.