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Modalities Included in Your Membership

Massage Therapy

One of the most beneficial types of passive treatment we offer at Tucson Sports Recovery is massage therapy. That’s right, our licensed massage therapists are explicitly trained in therapeutic massage and can use it to your direct benefit.

Near Infrared Therapy

Near infrared, or NIR, sauna technology is shown to have a much bigger effect on recovery than traditional far infrared saunas even though the overall temperature is lower.

Recovery Pump

Whether you compete in Olympic level triathlon, crossfit, bodybuilding, or are running your first 5k, you push your legs to the limit. If you feel tight and sore in your legs, give them a reboot!

Squid Therapy

If you have a pinpoint injury, such as shoulder pain, tendonitis, calf strains (any muscle for that matter), aches or tears, our Squid Therapy system can help you mitigate the pain and speed up recovery to help you get back into action as quick as possible.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling uses a sterile acupuncture needle that is inserted through the skin into muscles,tendons, ligaments, and/or close to nerves to immediately reduce pain, decrease muscletension and increase mobility.

Discounted Rate

On Dry Needling and Laser Therapy punch cards. Dry needling is a modern treatment designed to ease muscular pain. Laser therapy effectively treats lower back pain, neck pain, arthritis, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, plantar, and sciatica.

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What Some of Our Customers Are Saying

Christopher Gartrell


“To me, recovery encompasses overall upkeep of the body to perform at the highest level. Good recovery means being able to get back to what I love doing as fast as possible. The name of the game in any sport is recovery, and if I can’t recover, I can’t compete. I like to use recovery boots to keep my legs feeling fresh for the next session.”

Ben Kanute


“To me, recovery is about absorbing work and preventing breakdown of the body. Recovery helps you be prepared for the next workout, and consistent training is the most important part of performance.”

Doug Wellington

Powerlifting & Mountain Bike

“I have been training for years and have arthritis, as well as two knee replacements. Tucson Sports Recovery and APM has provided me with the best treatment I’ve ever had. It’s important to recover and train harder each session. The laser and massage therapy has helped me to do this. With good recovery, I can train hard and continue to break records.”

Nicolas Seeber


“The TSR team is incredibly helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable about sports performance. When you are putting yourself through 20+ hours per week of training, you can only push yourself as much as you can recover. I go in for massages as often as possible, it’s a great experience with the TSR massage staff.”

Becky Myrick

Kettlebell and Powerlifting

“TSR has helped me to find deficiencies in the way I move and work on strengthening everything. I feel that there is a community at TSR, it feels like family to me.”

Daniel Pearson


“Recovery is all about staying as healthy and consistent as possible. I need constant manual work and check-ins to address potential injury before it happens. I choose Tucson Sports Recovery because I get consistent top quality care. The massage therapists there do an awesome job.”

Danny Sawaya


“Proper recovery is a big insurance policy for my body so that I can train consistently without breakdown. I haven’t had many injuries, but I have fought off muscle strains and tendonitis. I choose Tucson Sports Recovery because the team gives consistent top-notch service. It’s not a crap shoot. TSR allows me to get consistent training without injury or setback.”

Kat Salthouse


“Working full time, I have to be efficient with my recovery. Tucson Sports Recovery is my choice because it is fun and fits in my busy schedule. In a 5-day cycling stage race, it is important to feel as good on day 5 as day 1. That is why recovery is one of my priorities. I am a huge fan of the Recovery Pump Boots!”

Ken Montaney


“Recovery means that I can get up the next day and go just as hard as the day before. I really have to focus on stretching and compression recovery. The team at TSR helps me to prevent getting injured and gets me ready for the large volume of miles needed to be prepared for long mountain bike races and stage races on the road.”

Q Jefferson

Fitness Athlete

“Good recovery means you are getting the time and effort needed to set you up for the things you want to do. I have only heard positive things about Noah and his team, and I have learned preventative injury strategies that I can use in my classes. Tucson Sports Recovery helps me to go really really hard, rest, and go really really hard again.”

Stephen Pedone


“Tucson Sports Recovery provides me with a ‘One-stop Shop’ for all of my recovery needs. The laser therapy, recovery boots, and massage are key tools that help me to recovery for high-level races and prevent some nagging injuries. The team has kept me healthy and able to race consistently at a high level, and that is the most important thing as a cyclist.”

Trevor Gunning


“As an athlete, you are continuously beating yourself up, the other side of that is doing something nice for your body. Massage and Laser have helped me stay healthy. I am a big fan of the laser!”

Sage Watson

Track & Field Athlete

“Recovery is as important as training to me, it is one of my top priorities. I choose Tucson Sports Recovery because they pay attention to detail, which is extremely important in my sport. I have to make sure that my body is recovering from the lactic acid and intensity of hurdling. If I recover properly, I can go back the next day and train as hard or harder than the day before.”

Andrea Wellington

Powerlifting & Bodybuilding

“In the past, I’ve had some issues with my shoulder and peck. Physical Therapy and good recovery methods help me to be ready to train full power by my next workout. I choose TSR because I trust Noah and the staff and they are able to target the part of me that needs work. Because of this, I can continue to be consistent in training and complete workouts I need to be in the best shape that I can be.”

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