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Massage Therapy

Daniel Pearson
“Recovery is all about staying as healthy and consistent as possible. I need constant manual work and check-ins to address potential injury before it happens. I choose Tucson Sports Recovery because I get consistent top quality care. The massage therapists there do an awesome job.”
Trevor Gunning
“As an athlete, you are continuously beating yourself up, the other side of that is doing something nice for your body. That is what recovery is to me. I have had low back pain, which I address with recovery and strengthening work. Tucson Sports Recovery has taught me great stretches and preventative exercises that are easy to incorporate into my workout routine. These activities, combined with heat and ice help me catch injuries before they develop. Weightlifting is infamous for being hard on joints. Massage and Laser have helped me stay healthy. I am a big fan of the laser!”
Nicolas Seeber
“Recovery is being able to keep up with the high levels of stress that you put your body through and not be restricted from tightness and soreness. The TSR team is incredibly helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable about sports performance. When you are putting yourself through 20+ hours per week of training, you can only push yourself as much as you can recover. I go in for massages as often as possible, it’s a great experience with the TSR massage staff.”
Doug Wellington
“I have been training for years and have arthritis, as well as two knee replacements. Tucson Sports Recovery and APM has provided me with the best treatment I’ve ever had. It’s important to recover and train harder each session. The laser and massage therapy has helped me to do this. With good recovery, I can train hard and continue to break records.”

What is therapeutic massage?

When you consult with a massage therapist, you can expect to receive a combination of hands-on therapy, as well as education on ways to manage your own symptoms. Both have highly valuable benefits for acute or chronic health conditions, especially when provided in conjunction with each other.

One of the most beneficial types of passive treatment we offer at Tucson Sports Recovery is massage therapy. That's right, our licensed massage therapists are explicitly trained in therapeutic massage and can use it to your direct benefit.

Therapeutic massage involves a wide range of explicit manual techniques (delivered by your therapist's hands) that can be used to target specific tissues in your body, including muscles, fascia, lymph nodes, joints, and tendons. Techniques include deep tissue, Swedish, or even pressure point massage:

  • Deep tissue is beneficial to athletes and anyone who needs to relieve tension in their deep musculature
  • Swedish massage is more gentle and targets more superficial tissues, perfect for anyone looking to relax and relieve mental as well as physical stress
  • Pressure point massage is effective for relieving tender points within the body's fascial tissue (which protectively encases connective tissue much like the casing of sausage!)

Who is massage therapy for?

Everyone from young toddlers to seniors can benefit from massage therapy. This technique offers a variety of benefits that are truly safe for just about anyone.

Specific benefits of therapeutic massage include:

  • Improved circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Accelerated healing
  • Reduced swelling and inflammation
  • Improved range of motion
  • Reduced pain
  • Decreased adhesions and scar tissue formation
  • Decreased stress
  • Improved mood

We use therapeutic massage to help people manage or recover from a wide range of conditions, including fibromyalgia, back and neck pain, arthritis, migraines, diabetic nerve pain, sports and auto-accident related injuries, and even psychological disorders including anxiety and depression (since mental and emotional stress is often neurologically carried into and stored in physical tissues). A professional massage provided by a massage therapist can even ease the effects of chemotherapy and can hasten the healing process in post-surgical patients.

What should I expect during my therapeutic massage treatment?

The first thing you should expect when you come to visit our center for a massage therapy appointment is a thorough examination and client history questionnaire. We ask that all our patients visit us in comfortable clothes and sturdy shoes. If massage therapy is deemed an appropriate part of your recovery plan, then we'll be sure to position you in a comfortable position seated or lying down (depending on the target treatment area). Your dignity and privacy are important to us, so you can rest assured you'll always be appropriately covered if certain articles of clothing need to be moved so that our therapists can appropriately access the target tissue (whether in the spine or limbs).

During a massage, your therapist may also use oils or special lotions with essential oils added to them. Aromatic essential oils are used to enhance the

benefits of the massage by stimulating the sense of smell, enhancing neurological involvement. The combination of aromatherapy, gentle touch and fluid movements can truly maximize the beneficial effects of each individual treatment.

At our clinic, our therapists can talk to you about anything you may be experiencing and work with you in a coordinated way to encourage healing on all levels and help you gain a deeper understanding of your body and what's happening with it. We're not just concerned with symptom relief; we want to identify and resolve the underlying cause (or causes) of your symptoms so that your healing will be more complete and longer lasting.

Are you wondering if massage therapy is right for you? (Hint: it probably is.) Contact us today to schedule an initial appointment with an experienced massage therapist.