Laser Therapy

Sage Watson
“Recovery is as important as training to me, it is one of my top priorities. I choose Tucson Sports Recovery because they pay attention to detail, which is extremely important in my sport. I have to make sure that my body is recovering from the lactic acid and intensity of hurdling. If I recover properly, I can go back the next day and train as hard or harder than the day before. Tucson Sports Recovery has been instrumental in my day to day recovery. Recently I have been using the Class IV Laser regularly to help treat a stress fracture in my foot.”
Trevor Gunning
“As an athlete, you are continuously beating yourself up, the other side of that is doing something nice for your body. That is what recovery is to me. I have had low back pain, which I address with recovery and strengthening work. Tucson Sports Recovery has taught me great stretches and preventative exercises that are easy to incorporate into my workout routine. These activities, combined with heat and ice help me catch injuries before they develop. Weightlifting is infamous for being hard on joints. Massage and Laser have helped me stay healthy. I am a big fan of the laser!”
Christopher Gartrell
“To me, recovery encompasses overall upkeep of the body to perform at the highest level. Good recovery means being able to get back to what I love doing as fast as possible. The name of the game in any sport is recovery, and if I can’t recover, I can't compete. I like to use recovery boots to keep my legs feeling fresh for the next session.”
Doug Wellington
“I have been training for years and have arthritis, as well as two knee replacements. Tucson Sports Recovery and APM has provided me with the best treatment I’ve ever had. It’s important to recover and train harder each session. The laser and massage therapy has helped me to do this. With good recovery, I can train hard and continue to break records.”

There were several years in Hollywood where lasers were the weapon of choice in action films. We watched, riveted as the hero dodged lasers fired from guns and saved the world from evil scientists. What no one could anticipate in the dark theaters of the 60's and 70's was how laser therapy would become a fixture in modern pain relief just a few decades later. For those suffering from chronic pain, drug-free laser therapy offers relief without invasive surgery or addictive medications. Let us get you started on your pain relief journey. Contact us in Tucson to find out more about how laser therapy can work for you.

How Does Laser Therapy Work?

Lasers are basically light energy that has been amplified and focused into a particular area. There are two different types of therapeutic lasers, hot and cold. Hot lasers are typically used during surgery while cold lasers are generally used to speed tissue healing. Cold lasers work by flooding the injured tissue with photons, which stimulate healing in damaged cells and increase circulation to the area. The body's natural healing response relieves pain, improves function and reduces swelling without medication or surgery. Best of all, the therapeutic effect of cold laser therapy continues long after the treatment itself. For 18 to 24 hours after the laser is applied to the injured area, your body continues to benefit from the metabolic effect of your treatment.

What is Light Force Therapy?

The Light Force laser system has been clinically proven to relieve pain associated with injuries, accidents or surgeries. Light Force Therapy has been used for years by physical therapists and athletic trainers working with professional athletes who have been injured. Using a Class IV laser, deep layers of tissue are exposed to light energy, which activates the body's healing response. This metabolic effect has a domino effect throughout the body reducing inflammation and lowering pain levels. The Light Force therapy machine looks like a box with a wand attached which can target specific areas of the body. Treatments typically last five to ten minutes and most patients experience relief in just three to five sessions. FDA cleared and strictly controlled by ISO standards, Light Force therapy is safe, painless and non-invasive.

What Can I Expect From Laser Therapy?

Your massage therapist will be able to identify areas for treatment and the length and number of treatments you may require. Once your recovery plan is set, your massage therapist will administer laser therapy as just one of your many recovery services. Treatments typically last five to ten minutes. As soon as the therapy begins, you will begin to feel a soothing warmth in the areas where the laser is applied. Most patients begin to see results in as few as three treatments while others report feeling better after a single session.

What Conditions can be Treated with Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy effectively treats lower back pain, neck pain, arthritis, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, plantar, and sciatica. It can also be used to treat sports injuries, sprains, and strains, or other soft tissue injuries throughout the body. Anywhere there is pain or injury, laser therapy can help. Even older injuries that have not healed properly can be improved with this type of recovery service. However, it is important to note that laser therapy is most effective when combined with massage therapy. While this modality addresses pain, inflammation, and healing, it increases flexibility and mobility only when combined with therapeutic exercise, stretching, and other physical therapy services. We will provide a direct referral to Applied Physical Medicine for all Physical therapy needs.