About Us

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy for 8 years, Dr. Noah Abrahams has worked with many athletes ranging from people doing their first 5k races to elite crossfitters, powerlifters, and Olympians. In his time as a Physical Therapist, Noah saw many of these athletes when they were hurt. He realized that he was seeing these athletes too late. Too late wasn’t good enough–he wanted his vision of health to become a reality (a vision to help the world become healthier). He asked himself how he could help athletes who are training for all types of competitions to be more consistent and injury free.

This is where the idea of Tucson Sports Recovery was born. Noah realized that preventative recovery was the key to keeping these athletes injury free and training to their maximum potential every single day.

Under the supervision of Physical Therapists at Applied Physical Medicine (#1 ranked PT practice in Tucson), all types of athletes can benefit from Tucson Sports Recovery.

Tucson Sports Recovery’s high tech recovery modalities and knowledgeable staff can help you to stay consistent and injury free, and perform at your maximum potential. No matter what level of athlete you are, from beginner to Olympian, Tucson Sports Recovery can help you reach your goals.